I wasn't sure if this should be posted under windmills or the For Sale category that is under special rooms for special people that would limit the people being able to see it. I have several antique windmills for sale because we will be moving to a new place on our farm and don't have room for them. Some of them have links to pages on my web site for photos just because I'm too lazy to post them here.
1. 6 ft diameter Curry open gear with hard maple bearings. Called a poor man's windmill in it's day.
2. 3- Model Monitor "L" 10 ft diameter windmills, with wood wheels and football weights. The are a downwind
windmill that don't use a tail to stay into the wind.
3. Unusual 1 or 2 person rotary hand pump for deep wells.
4. Hand pump spouts and well casing pump flanges.
5. 1 Raymond 10 ft diameter wood wheel windmill, also a down wind windmill with a "W" weight. Made in Waupon, WI
This comes with a new wood wheel. $2,500
6. Working head pump jack made by Aermotor.