OK Ken, or TW.

Give me a step by step instruction on how to set up the pump.

Assume I have a Midland brass pump casing hung on 4 lenghts of 2" X 21' pipe (I don't so I can adjust that down another 10' or so).

I have that thing (pump) that fits in the brass pump casing with 3 sets of leathers and the brass ball in the top, what is the 3/4" NPT fitting on the bottom for?

How far off the bottom do you set it? Assuming I was using the long stroke of an 802 mill or do you make that adjustment using the wood piece.

Should I adjust the amount of pipe above the casing to equal a sucker rod lenght, or should I splice (fiberglass)?

Do you use lock washers on the pump rod I was told not to.