Hello everyone
Im new here and new to wells too, just successfully dug a 4.6mt bore hole for a submergible pump with compressed air and water having found very shallow water table.
However, no matter how deep I go, after 3.6mt all I get is sand.
I got the pipe deeper by 1 more meter (4.6) but the hole fills up with sand again up to that level living me with a 3.6mt deep well containing 1.7 mt head of clear water.
My question is, do I have to put a cap at the bottom and just be done with 3.6 mt or shall I push it to 4.6 and fill that 1mt with gravel?
By not having the cap I can use a smaller pipe to blow the sand away, at least for the most part, and trow gravel in instead stopping at 3.6.
Of course I would use pea shingle also around the bore above the water level to discourage sand from entering the well.

I appreciate the knowledge of some of you more experienced.
Many thanks.