Thanks in advance for any input.

GOAL: to have enough water for a sprinkler system. My lot is just under and acre and 1/2 needs irrigation. I have planters and open lawn. Rotary heads could be used successfully for the open lawn, pop-ups for planters and isolated lawn areas. My home is located on the bayou, 10-12' above water.

This week, I jetted down an 1 1/4 well to 65'. On my way down, I passed a hardpan around 12' and hit some really clean, coarse sand between 20ft to 30ft. Static water level 3' down well pipe. The well is producing about 10gpm at 30psi with a 1 1/2 sta-rite centrifugal. I am not sure if this pump is optimal for my situation and I have limited knowledge of irrigation design. Can this well be used successfully? Should I be using a different pump?

Tomorrow, I will jet another well, 2", 10ft of 2" screen, and hit the clean, sand zone. I may jet a 4" casing and leave it in (not sure yet). How far away do I need to stay away from the first well? Can I do two wells of the same well pipe and if so how far apart should they be?

Thank You
Freeport Florida