Just thought I'd share my shallow well story.

I have a shallow well that was put in 65 years ago. Its condition: not bad, some rust and heavy pitting inside the 1 1/4" galvanized pipe. But this is good old American pipe, not Chinese with its thin wall. It is only used for any outside water usage from about April - October here in MA.
When I restarted the well in 2010 with a pump/pressure tank combination, sand was coming in so I added a strainer with a mesh screen. This only required cleaning out about 1x's / month.
This year, the strainer was filling up with sand and the well pressure dropped. Then it finally gave out, pump kept going but no water was coming up.
The entire well pipe is intact since I do not lose prime so I guessed that a portion of the screen in the sand point has rusted out.
I bought a cheap endoscope on Ebay and lowered into the pipe to see if I can locate the the hole. It was great until it went below the water level. Too murky to see anything.
To cover the hole I bought a pool filter hose. Nearest size was 1 1/4 ID with an OD larger than the interior of my galvanized pipe.
I cut the hose open and pushed it inside of the its other edge, it effect, making its diameter slighly less than 1 1/4".
I kept squeezing it as I forced it down the well all the way to the bottom. When I started the pump, no water came up as expected, since I covered the interior of the sand point.
I pulled it up a few inches, retried the pump and got some water. Tried again a few more inches and the well is usable. Full blast on a garden hose and can power a single pattern sprinker pretty good. Only a little slow down of pressure is noticed. However, I can't power an oscillator which I was able to do in past years.
I hesitate to raise it up another 2 inches - I will get more water but I also could be above the sand point hole and back to my problem. I think I'll leave it as is for at least this year.
Before someone says, why not just put in another well, this well is in my basement so I have the luxury of not having to drain any lines or taking the pump out in the Winter months. It's too convenient to lose.