I am in need of some expert advice. I have an old water well I want to primarily use to only water my garden. The well was drilled around the 40’s and has a 2” galvanized pipe that is 8” above ground. Record shows it was drilled at 225’ deep. The water level is 9’ deep below ground. Last year I measured the depth with a weight on end of a fishing rod and it went 189’ deep. The set up I used was a 1 hp Lion pump, connected to a 60 gallon galvanized tank. For a drop line I used a 1” x 20’ pvc pipe with a foot valve on the end. First pump worked well but was pumping way too much sand. Last month I disconnected the lines and emptied about 6 gallons of sand out of the galvanized tank. I contacted and explained the situation to a local water well man and he suggested I need to run an air hose down and pump the sand out to clear the well. A few months has now gone by and today I remeasured the depth of the well. It now reads only 74’ deep. I am assuming the casing must be broken somewhere in the well and when the pump is on it’s sucking the sand near the foot valve and sand is settling on the bottom of the well. I’ve tried calling the local water well man to see if he would come blow out the well but he’s not returning my calls. I’m determined to get this well working again. Dragging my water hose across the street to water my garden everyday is getting really old.

My question is:

Could the water well casing be broken? If so, is that what is creating all the sand coming out of the well. Can the well still work once the sand is pumped out?

I'm also wondering if the 1 hp Lion pump has too much suction and is creating a pocket near the foot valve. Should I try a smaller pump (maybe a 1/2 hp) that will not create so much suction at the foot valve?

Some expert advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.