We bought a small fixer-upper built in 1950 last year, in an area not served by city water. We had the well water tested before we bought an everything was normal. The pump is old but works well, but the tank has problems- from looking at the records from the elderly woman who owned the place before the guy we bought from, it looks like it is either a galvanized tank or a bladder tank with a leaky bladder as someone recommended that she bleed the system regularly to add air back in. I can't check the specifics because the tank is drywalled into a sealed compartment with no access (!).

We are planning to replace the tank next weekend, when our very handy family comes to visit, but I haven't bought a new tank yet. What is the best way to determine what size tank we should get? My FIL seems to think we should just get the biggest tank we can afford and fit in the utility room, but I'm leery of that philosophy.

The second issue is that the well water in our neighborhood is occasionally slightly sulfuric. It was not when we were looking at the house last summer, but since then we have learned that it is a common, intermittent issue in the area. It happens with both hot and cold water.

I am interested in adding a filtration system while we are replacing the tank, but we have a limited budget. I think we could afford the ~$200 for an activated charcoal filter, but not the ~$600+ for a greensand filter that I have seen recommended for hydrogen sulfide. Would a charcoal filter help at all, or should we just wait until we can afford a better system? Are there other options? We have no softener and the water is very slightly hard, which I prefer to softened water.

Thanks very much for any advice you can offer. I'm happy to provide other details if I can.