Hey All- hoping to get some input/advice on my situation. Currently I am experiencing a slight level of iron after filtration (approximately 1 ppm) and a sulfur smell in several faucets throughout my home.

Background: I moved into my recently purchased home approximately three months ago. The home was built in 1972 with the well I assume being drilled around the same time.

Water Flow: Well Pump -> Flex Lite Pressure Tank -> Sediment Filter (Removed) -> Ph Neutralizer (Media = Calcite) -> Water Softener (Morton Rust Defense) -> Faucets/Shower/Water Heater

During the course of renovations I have performed various at home tests and most recently had a test performed by a local well technician that informed me I have ferrous iron and the type of manganese you can't see unless it's been oxidized.

The first week after the purchase we dropped one gallon of standard bleach in the well and then ran the water through all the lines and let it sit for the night before running it again the next day. Following that I had the Ph Neutralizer and Water Softener tanks serviced. After that I had to replace the Pressure Tank due to the float being broken. Next, I replaced the hot water tank (not the burner) and installed a powered anode rod. Finally, the local technician poured several cups of 12% bleach in the sediment filter housing and then ran that through all the lines and let it sit for approximately 12 hours before we flushed it again.

The sulfur smell returned after I could no longer smell the bleach. It's currently only in the cold water line.

The technician I most recently had come out was scheduled to return in a couple weeks to install a new cap on the Ph Neutralizer. Their advice was that installing a new cap that would allow for some sort of oxygen flow would oxidize the iron and thus allow the Calcite that is in the tank to filter properly. They stated that currently the Ph Neutralizer tank is doing nothing as the water directly from the well is neutral, and due to the iron being ferrous the calcite can't filter it out. Additionally, they have advised I bleach the pipes again (this time completely filling the sediment filter housing with bleach) in order to try and remove the smell, which they have attributed to a concentration of manganese somewhere in the pipes/system.

I have several questions as a result, and any input on actions taken above would be appreciated!

1. Wouldn't oxidizing the iron/manganese in the Ph Neutralizer cause an issue, as the Water Softener (which is currently the only thing providing any filtration) can't filter out ferric iron or the oxidized manganese? Am I incorrect in assuming that the Water Softener can't filter out either mineral once it's been precipitated?
2. Should I consider changing the media in the Ph Neutralizer to something better suited for my water? I read online that Calcite is good for neutralizing the Ph of the water, which is unnecessary as my water already had a neutral Ph directly from the well. Additionally, the Calcite doesn't provide any filtration of the manganese, unless I am mistaken. Is it possible the neutralizer tank can't take any other type of media?

3. Are there any components missing from my above system that could be incorporated to better my system?

Again, any thoughts, opinions, answers that can be provided are greatly appreciated! Sorry for the word vomit or if I used the wrong terminology. This has been a focus of mine since day one, and I am just really determined to get it right and I have been doing as much of it myself as I can.