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Thread: New Water System: Considering Adding Filtration

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    Question New Water System: Considering Adding Filtration

    First, we do wish to have a well (bore) ultimately drilled. In fact, we had planned for it to be done earlier this year. But, so much has gone on, preventing us from being able to stay at the farm full time - until now. However, at the moment, well companies in the area are too busy. It will take months for us to get a scheduled appointment for a well to be drilled. Sooo, we decided to do something to hold us over temporarily. That is we added a pressurized water system for the toilet. (A guy can only live so rustic of a lifestyle. And, having no toilet is where I draw the line.)

    Anyway, so, we have added a 230 VAC pressurized water system at the farm, where we formerly had a (solar powered) 12 VDC Shur-Flo pump piped in to provide water to a toilet / wash room.

    Now, before you have a look at the images, please keep in mind the water in this 500 liters tank is pure rainwater and has no sizable contaminates in it. So, while it may eventually clog a spray head, I think a pressurized toilet, sink, etc., would be okay for the time being - without a filter / strainer. BUT, I do wish to add some sort of filtration to the system.

    2018-06-13 18.11.52_r.jpg 2018-06-13 18.12.47_r.jpg

    Also, after I determine how long a 500 liters supply will last without having to be refilled, I will decide what size tank to add, or to completely replace the current storage capacity with.

    Also, I do realize I need to install a float switch in the tank, to kill the power feeding the pump in case of a low water situation. I have several of them on hand here, that I can wire into the system. I intend on adding a water level indicator as well, after I have decided what capacity I wish to ultimately have attached to this system.

    Basically, I am looking for ideas as to what size filter to buy. That is, how many microns of filtration, as well as what physical size you good folks may suggest?
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