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Thread: Water filtering thoughts?

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    Water filtering thoughts?


    My wife likes the newest health stuff, sometimes being a bit too enthusiastic given a lot of health stuff is based on less than rigorous scientific analysis. So, her friend has a system installed from these guys here in Hong Kong
    Suffice it to say, cost a bomb, costs a bomb to maintain and looks like ass in her kitchen. It seems to be a relatively simple RO (reverse osmosis) system.
    So, what in theory is this going to do incrementally over say a Brita? I gather you might also eliminate (potentially) things like Giardia but we certainly don't have anything like that in our local water supply - I did get hit with Giardia once in Bhutan but it is not a risk vector here.
    Are Brita's really even doing much of anything other than making you feel good about 'doing something'?
    Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

    I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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