I have a 175 ft well that has produced good water for the 8 years I have owned the property it is on. It does have high iron but I have a water softener and a sediments filter that does a good job of taking the iron out. Last year we detected a smell in the water that quite rapidly got worse. We also noticed red stains in our toilets, bathtubs and laundry. I did a water test (after the water softener) and it came back with high total coliforms. I did not do a test for iron bacteria. I shocked the well and the problem went away for about two months. I have now had to shock my well 4 times in the last year.

I have determined that I have iron bacteria in the well and if I let it get bad enough, sulfer bacteria.

Can anyone suggest what I can do for this issue? I am thinking I need a chlorinator with a carbon filter to remove the chlorine before it enters the house. If this is what I need, can anyone recommend what I need.