We put a bid on a home in NC that is about 1 mile from many apple orchards. We are getting the water tested. The realtor is telling me to walk from the deal if there are pesticides in the water. I'm also worried about Radon. The well on the property is 165 ft deep and was dug in 2013 with a flow rate of 10gpm. I've done a lot of reading but can't see to get a definitive answer on several questions. I hope that this forum can help me.

1. If there are large concentrations of pesticides can they be effectively removed with carbon block filtration?

2. I read that radon can be removed with carbon too. Is this true?

3. Should I walk from this house which is an amazing deal or stay and treat the water if there is a problem that shows up.

4. If ecoli is found will shocking the water take care of this or can it be an ongoing problem.

I was hoping that I could install a large whole house carbon filter for bathing and then a reverse osmosis for my drinking and cooking water. Do these remedies always work or are there some wells that are too contaminated and need to be dug deeper?