Okay, I do not know which forum to post in so here goes. Our well is almost 1 mile from the house. Line is 1 1/2" galvanized pipe (pretty old) for about 3/4 of a mile. Recenlty we had the water tested and it showed bcteria so I went and shocked the well. It had probably not been done for several years. Now, we cannot get the water clean out of the line. Well water at the well is fine. But when you run it thorugh the line it is very brown with suspended solids in it. We have run over 1000 gallons though it. I know the line holds around 400-450 gallons so it is a long line to flush out, but it does not seem to be cleaning up. Any ideas on better ways to do it. The well will produce water at about 3 GPM for hours, but if you run it faster than that (5 gpm) it runs out about about 200-250 gallons so when we run it we have been trying to run it slower. Maybe run faster until well quits more often? Help.