I posted on Tanks in general and got that all worked out. Water softner was acting up, had repair man out today he said it was clogged with iron deposits, it is less than a year old.

When cleaning bathrooms I get a lot of red on my cloth, from showers, sinks, fixtures. The toilet bowls turn red in one week. The toilet tank is red, with a bit of slime on bottom and walls.

We are on a well, 65 feet deep, 1/2 hp sub. pump, 20 gallon well-x-trol pressure tank. Sears water softner.

We were using a whole house water filter (cheapy thing, stringy cartridge) would have to change about every 2 weeks, filter saturated in red. Bypassed this as advised by tank forum, water pressure improved.

Would like to purchase something that will deal with the high iron content. Suggestions please.

Thank You