We have a house in Northern VA with a 32 year old well on the property. We owned the house for a few years and we always had some reddish fine sediment (not sure if it's mud, iron, rust or a combination of thereof) in the water. The water is going through GE whole house sediment filter which needed to be changed every few months (http://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-1-in-H...=5yc1vZaqz5Zlo ). We had to move for work last year, so we now live in another state and that house is being rented out.

A couple of months ago, there was an issue with the solenoid valve that controls filling of the bladder tank constantly clicking on and off. Plumbers came in and had several options of what could have been causing the issue – after some discussions they ended up changing the bladder tank itself (suspected internal leak), the solenoid valve and the well pump.

For the following couple of months everything was working smoothly. Last week, our renters complained that there is a massive sediment breakthrough and they have to change filters nearly daily to keep water somewhat clean. Initially we suspected that the work that was done on the well might have caused it, but the company that did the work refused any responsibility and we have to way to prove it.

Then for a week we had an endless run-around of several companies coming out and giving us absolutely different answers and quotes for different solutions, one more expensive than another. The first local company told us we need a fancy reverse osmosis system with a water softener and proposed to install one for about $5k.

This seemed excessive, so we then called “My plumber” and they did a water analysis and came up with the following results:

TDS (total dissolved solids) 115 ppm
Hardness= 9 gpg (0-3 gpg is soft)
Iron= 2 ppm (high levels, causing stains in plumbing fixtures,
clothing and so forth)
Ph= 6.0 (7.0 is neutral. Below that is acidic. Water is aggressive to
metallic piping)

They then proceeded to offer an even fancier system for $12k.

One of the plumbers we used before said he had the same problem in his house and all he did is installed a sand filter and a water softener for about $1k which took care of both iron and acidity. This seemed fairly reasonable, but we are having hard time finding someone who is willing to offer and install one – everyone we called pushes some sort of complex system for many thousands of dollars.

On top of all that, the well guy came out again to make sure that none of the work he did interacted with it. He looked at the issue and told us that the real problem is that “our well is pulling muddy water from the top rather than the bottom” and this is the root cause of the problem. He is confident that no water filtration system would solve the problem and the well itself needs to be fixed - but he is not sure he can fix it – he is checking on this.

So by this point, we are completely at a loss. It's been going on for over a week and we have a multitude of mutually exclusive solution offers from multiple companies, each costing thousands of dollars and not guaranteeing anything.

Each of them is absolutely confident that their solution is the only correct one and other options will not do anything – but none of them do both wells and filtration systems and only work on their scope, so whichever one we choose can blame it on the other thing and not solve the problem.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.