A customer who has been a good customer for years has what I think is the worst iron water in the county. Someone must have buried an old school bus next to his well. The iron is between 5 - 6 ppm. We have worked on his iron filter for years. We had to go to the air pump years ago because the nozzle/venturi plugged up in a couple of weeks. This time when they called they were complaining about bad pressure in the home. This is what we found.

The images below for those who don't recognize this item is the distributor tube which is inside each and every iron filter or water softener out there. On the bottom is a screen which the water passes through after it has been filtered. This tube is plastic (PVC). It is hard for minerals to stick to PVC. The inside of the tube is half filled with iron, which by the way is the filtered water except when the unit backwashes.

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