My water was tested and my readings were as follows Hardness 2grains,
Iron 2ppm, 6.5ph My problem I was getting a red stain in toilet bowl after about 5 days. Water didn't seem to bad so was told to put a softener on to take care of iron no more than it was, so I installed a Kenmore 42,000 grain softener rated to remove up to 11ppm iron. I am still getting staining in commode it wipes right off, had water tested it tested soft, iron still tested .5ppm. Had Sears come and check what a joke the service guy really knew nothing about water softeners. I have installed a 15 micron filter before softener and a 5 micron wound filter coming out of softener and after 3 days it turns brownish orange and still has small amount of sediment in it, the water coming from tap is clear as a bell always has been, also noticed when we wash dishes we leave the dish rag hanging on sink and after a day it has this mettallic smell I guess is what you would call it. We average using 150 gallons of water a day. Completly replaced softener with another with the same results. Do we need something else or any recommendations on what to use to clear up water?