I installed a Kenmore 420 water softener on my house in Jan. My water wasn't that bad to begin with iron was 2ppm hardness was 2 grains and they said PH was fine but we were getting red in comode tanks and a red stain in white dish strainer we use in kitchen. I have a whole house filter installed after softener and a spin down type pre-filter on line before it goes into softener, the whole house filter will still turn brownish red after a few days. I have called Kenmore and changed settings and have even replaced system with a new one same results. Took sample back to sears to have checked and it shows about .5 ppm iron, but the sytem is rated to remove up to 11 ppm iron. I raised the pump up about 10 ft to help with sediment we were getting, helped sediment, water coming into house is as clear as can be. Shouln't this system take care of our needs or any ideas with what to do I have an appointment for Kenmore to come take a look at system. In my previous house we had terrible iron and hardness and I used a Rainsoft system took care of problem, but with our water not being that bad everybody said all you need is a aimple water softener to take care of your problem rather than spending $3000 or so on a large system. Any ideas why this sytem is not working to resolve our problem.