We had a Rainsoft rep come out and test our well water last night. When he tested for hardness, he had to add 2 drops of his magic elixer to our plain well water to get it to match the water color that came out of the unit that had the lifetime, never replaceable, filter thingy unit. When he started describing hard water issues, we didn't have any of those things. For instance, water spots on the dishes. Well, when I showed him my dishes, he said that I must be using some dishwasher detergent with something in it that removes those spots. I use the cheapest stuff on the shelf. Anyway, from what our state DHEC dept says, some hardness in the water is desirable. The rep says...no hardness is what we want. I'm more inclined to believe the DHEC.
So, what's my problem? Well, this system has had pieces and parts added and subtracted over the years. I believe the bladder tank is too small, hence the sediment in the showers. The sulphur is probably brought on my too small of a bladder tank as well....because it's not always an issue. Usually only after running lots of water through the system. We don't have any other type of 'filtering' on the well water system, yet the water actually 'looks' good.
I have a charcoal filter that I don't think is being used ---because it's not backwashing. There is a broken bladder tank and the too small tank on the system and an aireator. I'm thinking the stuff we have in-line now needs to be yanked and replaced. Mainly, to get rid of the sediment and smell.
The water doesn't seem 'hard'. Soap lathers up really good, and there are no rings around the potty bowls and no corrosion around fixtures and pipes. So, my question is: What is a 'normal' set up?