Hello, I have a newly drilled when and have had two water test done at this point, and need some help and advice. Below are the results

Inital Results: Iron 1 ppm, Ph 6.8, Total Coliform 6 Colonies, Hardness 48 ppm
(I think the PH was skewed because the lab let the sample sit over the weekend before testing)

Since then I have shocked the well with bleach, and had another test ran

Results: Iron 0.82 ppm, Ph 7.5, Total Coliform 16 colonies, Harness 90 ppm

So my dilema is I must treat for coliform and iron. I like the idea of UV since it is chemical free, but from what I understand I must remove the Iron before the UV will be effective. But this is where the problem and questions comes in. Is it bad to have the untreated coliform in the water run through an Iron filter, or softener (for removing the iron) before the UV Filter? Or is my only option to use a chlorine injection system and forget about UV?