Requesting experts’ opinions on my plans for a new system for my well water.

Details: Pasco County, Florida, shallow well, jet pump, and bladder pressure tank. I dismantled the previous owner’s kludge of inline Calcium Hypochlorite tablets (no mixing/contact tank), multiple chemical injection pumps, and a softener/filter (media unknown).

Lab. Results
Iron, Total, Flame: 0.27mg/L (MCL=0.3mg/L), Detection Limit: 0.01
Manganese, Total AA: 0.010mg/L (MCL=0.05mg/L), Detection Limit: 0.001
E. coli, Presence/Absence: Absent
Total Coliform, Presence/Absence: Absent
Nitrite: <0.01 (MCL=1.0mg/L), Detection Limit: 0.01
Nitrate: 0.02mg/L (MCL=10.0mg/L), Detection Limit: 0.02
Total Dissolved Solids: 272mg/L (MCL=500mg/L0), Detection Limit: 19.6
pH: 6.99SU (6.5-7.5 Neutral)
Total Hardness: 230mg/L (Moderately Hard), Detection Limit: 1
Total Alkalinity: 189mgCaCO3/L, Detection Limit: 2.99

Report: Sample in compliance with 62-650 DWS.

Owner: Reports presence of H2S odor, rust stains, and slimy streaks on fixtures.

I’ve been following this forum for a long time, and thank the owner, moderators, and contributors for their knowledge and advice. I’m leaning toward the inline tablet/retention/carbon/softener (replacing the former system) route as opposed to an air injection system. This is mainly due to the addition of the (potential) bacteria benefits over just H2S/iron removal.

Before I place my order, could you please weigh in on my lab results and plan for the new system, as well as advice on media.

Thank you,