Howdy, I'm new here and I've already learned a ton. Thanks for that.

I have a question that I haven't seen posted.
For one reason or another(operator error) I have a fully disabled water supply system. The only parts left from the prior system are the well and the lines supplying the home. I've purchased a new 19 / 42 gal Flotec tank, Gould pump (J-10) and a new propane water heater. There was also a GE water softener that was no longer connected/operating unplugged and a Culligan brand in-line filter.

The water from the well is hard I'm not sure of the grains but it sounds like diamonds hitting the bottom of the sink when it ran. There's also an issue with iron staining the fixtures and clothing when used in a washer. (I'm removing the clothes and dish washers BTW).

My question- can I put a filter BETWEEN the well and pump, before all the new gear. It's a two line deep well arrangement. Could I put a water softener there? Just a Filter? Nothing? My idea here is to keep the water quality from effecting the brand new equipment and to get the maximum operating life.

I"m open to ideas. I'm certainly not well off cash wise but I'm not averse to spending some green to keep things running.
Thanks for any insight you can give. I'm kinda wandering in the dark here.