hi folks:

Just bought a new cabin with a two year old well. Water hardness is 12 grains per gallon, iron is 7.5 to 8 ppm, pH is fairly close to neutral. Flow rate is 11.25 gallons per minute. Water has a sulfur smell, but no one locally can test for the exact amount. hot water smell a slightly worse than cold, but both have the objectionable smell.

I talked to the folks at ECO water, as well as the folks at Sears. It seems like both systems contain any mixture of coarse and fine resins, so both systems will remove up to 10 parts per million (ECO system up to 15ppm) of iron, and can handle the hardness with no problem. I have heard that iron can clog up water softeners, so frequent treatment with "iron out" or similar will help keep the resins clean. Not sure how often this procedure should be carried out?

I was told not to use the iron removal salt, as this will contribute to the rotton egg smell. Is there any truth to that? I was told to use a nonorganic carbon filter to try to deal with the sulfur smell.

I really do not have the room for a chlorine injection system nor do I want to shell out $400 to $500 for one.

I was considering shocking the well, but seems like there are quite a few people against that idea. What is the worse it is going to happen?
Temporary fix only? cloudy water, what?

Here in Alaska, we don't have too many choices for systems and shipping things from the states is quite expensive, and I'm not comfortable with not having someone to service the unit. I decided to simply go with the Sears model 370 with an extended warranty.

At this point I do not know how well it will work, (will install in a few weeks) but concerned that I will still have the sulfur smell and looking for advice on how to eliminate that.

Any suggestions or comments appreciated.