Just purchased a home in Massachusetts that has an up flow Acid Neutralizer. It is currently bypassed, but needs to be put back in service as I am getting blue stains in the shower. We also had a new well installed when we added an irrigation system, the well company mentioned the water was acidic and that we should put the neutralizer back in service. The said the existing setup should handle the current PH level. The current in/out value is cracked and will need to be replaced. The tank itself appears fine. Here is the information that I have. (Nothing has item numbers or model information) Tank is made by Park International and is 50 inches tall (looks to be around 12 inches). The tank opening is 4 inch. The in/out valve looks to be ¾ but converted to 1 inch connection. In a perfect world I would like to replace the in/out valve and setup the tank again. The would avoid me having to replumb anything. I need information on getting a new valve. It looks like a very simple in/out design and has a small cone on the bottom (inside the tank) that fits on to the pipe that runs to the bottom of the tank. I also need to know how to do the media setup inside the tank itself. The house has 3 full bathrooms and one half bath. There are 2 adults and 2 kids in the house (a 8 week old Mastif also, so he doesn’t drink much yet). The irrigation system runs from a separate well then the household. Any help would be great!