I am planning to install a CSV1Z upstream of the well pressure tank, sediment filters and acid neutralizer.

The CSV1Z will be subject to the raw well water, which is acidic with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 and contains light silt/clay and ferric iron. The sediment is light enough that it will not separate in a spin down filter. (When a glass of raw water is stirred, nothing settles even after sitting for hours.)

For sediment control, I have twin parallel 10"x4.5" cellulose filters rated straight 25 micron. The pressure drop across these filters starts at near zero and reaches about 3 psi in 3 months, when I change them. This strikes me as fairly heavy contamination -- the expected life of [u]one</u> of these filters is 6 months. The sediment/ferric iron adheres to the inside of filter housings and will not rinse away under a faucet. It must be wiped off, though it wipes easily.

So how will the CSV1Z hold up under the raw water?
Will the acidity affect it?
Will the sediment/rust build up in the diaphram mechanism and restrict flow or function?
If so, can I expect to be dis-assembling and cleaning it on about the same 3 month schedule as the filters?