I have a summer use cabin on a lake in N Minnesota. I'll be installing a pump system this summer for running water for dishwashing and showers. We have used lake water hauled by pail for decades with no issues. I would like to have a potable supply for cooking and drinking (the wife says if it doesn't taste good, she won't drink it), as well as a supply suitable for washing clothes in an automatic washing machine.

The pump supply will be a Red Lion 3/4 HP shallow well pump with a 33 gallon pressure tank.

The lake water is an amber color (i've been told from the tannins from the cedar tress, as well as the iron rich rocks of the area). Here's a report on the water quality: http://www.pca.state.mn.us/water/clm...lakeid=69-0378

Usage of the system will be approx three 3-4 day weekends per month from May thru October. The system will need to be drained for the winter and may have stretches of no usage up to 6 weeks during the summer. I have the skills to install the system myself. I would like to have minimum maintenance.

The wife is worried about gas/oil/chemicals in the lake. I told her we've been washing dishes in it for years (and actually used to cook with it) with surface drawn water, but since we'll be drawing from the bottom of the lake, that problem will go away (since these float).

So what would the best way to appoach this? RO/Charcoal/Chlorine? Or is it as easy as this? http://www.cottagewatersupply.com/filtration.htm