Water tank/CSV/filtration questions
Here is my current setup:

- 2.5 bath 14 yr old house, bought it new, no major plumbing changes since then
- 2 adults and 2 kids
- Well with submersible pump, about 140', no clue on the actual pump size or model
- 2 geothermal heat pumps, (basement and attic) open loop, running off the same well as house water, one set for 9GPM, other one 5GPM
- Return well for heat pumps
- About 80 gal pressure tank, 30-50psi switch.
- Copper pipes for house water, pvc for heat pumps.
- Way undersized one-tank water softener (heat pumps bypassing softener)
- Lawn sprinklers, 16 zones, using soft water

In the 14 years I replaced pressure switch twice, and the tank bladder just went out. Other than that there were no major problems with the water flowing so far. Water quality is another matter... I removed the sacrificial rod from the water heater early on because of the rotten egg smell, still it smells sometimes but not as bad. Water taste is not the best either. Also the pressure always seemed weak. I've had the water tested recently, very hard water, and also low PH, around 5.5.

Since the tank finally went out, I started looking for a replacement and found out about CSV’s. Seems like a no brainer, and it also seems like a good time to finally upgrade the softener, plus do something about the acidic water before the copper pipes burst. Also would like to do something about the taste/smell. I'm considering the following setup, starting from the well and going downstream:

- Keep the existing well pump, knock on wood it's still running strong even with the heat pumps and the sprinklers.
- CSV1Z valve
- Upgrade the switch from 30-50 to 40-60 for more pressure
- Replace the tank with something smaller, maybe fiberglass
- Acid neutralizer calcite filter, not sure which one yet
- Flex 9000 two tank softener, not sure what size yet
- Branch off to the garden sprinklers
- Auto backwashing carbon filter to improve water taste and smell, not sure which one yet.

I still need to do the math to size the new softener and filters but I'm interested in comments/issues on the setup I'm considering, please keep in mind it's still only in the planning stage. Is it safe to upgrade the pressure switch, and just adjust the bladder pressure? Are the fiberglass tanks better than steel ones. Any apparent issues with the CSV and the heat pumps? Thanks.