OK guys. New to the forum, but not to water problems. I live in middle TN and have had sulphur water since I bought my house 12 years ago and I am sick of it!! Had the local water treatment guy come out and screw me out of $3500 and I am still in the same boat so I am going to try to fix it myself. My water turns the paper filters black, brown slime in the toilet, and everything metal is corroding or corroded. I am tired of replacing electronics and it ate the coil in my A/C and they won't put in a new one. Everyone on my road has it. I currently have a chlorine pump on a 10 gal chem tank (that doesn't work half the time after 2 new pumps, a 250 (supposedly) gallon retention tank, and two whole house filters with on in paper and one in carbon. Still not much help. My father in law and his brothers are all plumbers and they tell me I need to aerate the water to get rid of the sulphur. I am looking at adding a aeration system in with the chlorine system (assuming I can get it working again). Is there an inexpensive way to do this? I know you guys are in the market to sell systems and I appreciate that, but money is short around my house and this is the first thing on the list to fix. I love great water pressure in the house, but I want it clean! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!