Sorry i forgot to add that the spring runs to a holding tank, i draw off of the top third of this tank. The water then runs in a 1 1/2" poly pipe down hill to the next valley over [800 ft. of pipe]. The water then fills a 1500 gal. tank, which I use for settling. The water then goes out the bottom to another 1500 gal. tank that is 15 ft. away and is 2/3 the height of the preceeding tank. The water then goes out the bottom in a 1 1/2" pipe across a platform [this will hold the new water system] then on to a small[16x20] cottage with a shower, toilet, and a kitchen sink. Then down a hill 200 ft. to a second cottage[shower,bathtub,toilet,kitchen sink,and a small garden with a drip system. The water pressure is about 50psi at this cottage. the water pressure at the first cottage is about 10psi. I hope this is enough info.