I pulled my Ruth Berry twin pipe jet out of the well because the foot valve was leaking down. I found that the screen on the valve was bad and sediment was getting into the foot valve. I also found that the silt was covering the intake by about a foot.
The well has not been used in 15 years. I live about 1000 yards from the river. In 1998 we had a major flood that did not get into the well from the top but I am wondering if it may have added to this silting in. The normal river level is about the same height as my well water so I am sure it is in a spring that goes to the river.
The well water is at 29 feet and the bottom is at 37.
It is in a 6inch steel casing. My grandfather had this well put in 40-50 years ago and was a good well up until now.
How does one get silted in and better yet how can I clean it out and put the hole back to below the casing. Is there a widget or pump set up I can use to water or air jet and pump out the sediment or any other tricks short of drilling another well. I can weld and fab something if needed. Any wild ideas or and proper ideas would be appreciated.