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Thread: Bacteria in water?

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    Bacteria in water?

    Some time ago Gary mentioned a brown bacteria, harmless, in some water.
    Our house well has been down for over 60 years and gives/gave clean great water. Lately though we have noticed a light brown scum in the toilets, no jokes Bob. As well as a slight rotten egg odor at times.
    Is this the bacteria Gary was speaking about? How is it prevented? Does the water heater have anything to do with it?

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    I'm trying to hold back. Brown in the toilet, hmmmmm.

    Ok, I think he's talking about Iron Bacteria. Here we have very little of this little pest, but what I have found, I was able to eradicate by Chlorinating the Well. This might work in your situation. If not and it is Bacteria, I would recommend a Chlorinator to inject Chlorine mixed with water into the system.

    The smell could be Bacteria, and it may or may not be related to the brown stains. You can try turning the Water Heater up to or past 140. That will kill the little guys and stop them from stinking up the hot water. If the odor is in the cold also, it's not likely from the Heater.

    Chlorine as much as I hate to recommend it, can do a lot of good for water as well as do a lot of bad to your Plumbing etc.


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    It sounds like IRB. Post pictures. And I would suggest my inline pellet chlorinator over injection from a solution feeder.

    The only plumbing I know of that is harmed by chlorine is galvanized but, you would want to remove the chlorine with a carbon filter.

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