my well went from clear water to brownish sediment. It is 125 feet deep. this has happened once in a while but cleared up. I had the well dug another 75 feet. The water was milky looking but no longer brown.There is a lot of water approximately 5 gallons a minuite. then I raised the pump a few feet at a time till the water became clear. It stayed clear for over a week. This is a weekend home. I then asked the well guy to reconnect to the house at the same level the pump was. He put in a new pump. The water is milky again. It looks like you emptied a glass of milk and then refilled with water. I was not there when the well guy did this work so I can't say what he did. He did want to put in a new well 30 feet from this one. Any suggestions where I should go with this. This house is in NY state where it has rained hardly at all for the past 2 months and springs are dry. Should I wait it out till the spring?