Hi - I have a few questions about sediment filters. I see some reusable-washable filters like this:


I currently have a 20" tall filter housing before my softener and UV light. It lasts about 6 months and the filters come out caked in deep red stuff. Testing shows my iron at 1.8 ppm.

o Can these re-usable pleated filters take out iron and then be washed? How many times can you re-use them?

o Do these reusables filter for as long as the spun or melt filters before cleaning? Like 6 months?

o Are the valve-in-head plastic housings very durable? Since the water needs to be shut off before changing the filter, isnt the VIH the perfect solution? It eliminates 2 external valves, 4 extra solder connections...

Any info I can get would be appreciated... Thx