Can you email me the diagram for your sulfur removal system? I can't get the one on your website to show up good enough to understand what it is/does. I'm also interested in the "footprint" for the system since I don't have unlimited floorspace. Any other info you have will be appreciated.

My water well system uses a 120 gallon galvanized tank (instead of a bladder tank) to get rid of the sulfur smell (typical for this area). I'm thinking about putting in a CSV but have heard the comments that they don't work as well with a galvanized tank as they do with a bladder tank, so if I put in a CSV and switch to a bladder tank, I will still need to remove the sulfur smell.

I also have a sprinkler system downstream from the tank that uses 28gpm at 50psi. Will this have any bearing on the sulfur removal system?