Finally able to test the water at the well with the following results:

PH: 5.0
Alkalinity: 0.0
Chlorine: 0.2
Hardness: Too Soft to Measure
Iron: 0.3
Copper: 0.0
Nitrate: 0.0
Nitrite: 0.0

Recently spoke with SpeedBump and the possibilities of having a cracked casing. This is a 180' Rock well, with a 2" galvanized casing. Water level when well was installed approximately 6-years ago was at 4'. Current water level is at 19'. I've been having a supply pressure problem and was looing at installing a 2" packer assembly in the well to help increase and stabilize the pressure.

My question would be, with the test numbers above (from a Pro Labs Water Quality Test Kit), what are the chances of the casing being cracked below ground and the pump drawing surface water. Still trying to decide on installing the packer and having a new well put in.

Any assistance/information appreciated,