Hi all,

I was here a while back and you helped me at that time...back again with a totally different problem.

I have a well approx. 200 ft deep. The pump has been in place about 10 years (submersible pump if that was not obvious to most). On the surface, I have a bladder-type pressure tank that is also about 10 years old. I have/had a water softener in place, but currently not in use. Until recently, the water coming from this well has been gas-free.

Over the past few months, I've been getting a lot of air/gas in the system and am not sure what the cause is. A few weeks ago--thinking it might have something to do with the water softener--I diverted the water flow around the softener (used the valve that came with the softener to bypass it). That didn't make a difference.

I did a rudimentary search on this site, but came up with nothing helpful. Any ideas what may be going on?