Hi, I'm new to all this and I have some questions about sulphur filters and aerators. We live in west central Florida where we had a house built and moved in 15 months ago. Our A/C coil was just replaced due to leakage. The coil was completely black. I have been told that our well water is to blame. We occassionally can smell the sulphur after someone takes a shower but can not smell it at any other time so we didn't think much of it. We have certainly smelled worse sulphur water in other people's houses and they don't seem to have the corrosion problem we do. I am not sure I believe that the well water is the culprit but just to be sure, we are looking into a sulphur filter or aerator. Our water was tested a year ago, other than some hardness, no problems. In fact the water tester said it wasn't as hard as he thought it would be for a well. That said...

We were looking at the sulphur filters on your website. We are worried about losing water pressure...it could be better anyway and we certainly don't want to make it worse! Is there any such thing as a system that does not require a 2nd pump of some kind to bring the pressure back up? We had a very bad experience years ago with a water treatment outfit that hooked us up with tanks everywhere when what we needed was a new well. I don't want to go throught that again and I don't want a bunch of tanks sitting around if it can be avoided. Like everyone else, we are on a tight-budget and can't spend a fortune on this. Do you have any recommendations or information for us?