We just built a new home and have started using the well that was drilled approx 3 yrs ago. We installed a in line cartridge filter at the house to make sure nothing would plug up. We have noticed a rapid build up of fine sand in the clear housing, about an 1 1/2" in 3-4 days. The suggestions I have had so far are to give the well a good flushing and we have done that. We ran it wide open for about 5 hours. It is a 3 hp Grundfos pump rated 17 gpm. No change. It was then suggested by one pump/well person that the pump be raised one section of pipe. His thought was it is a big pump for a residece and it is not working at a very high flow rate and just stirring things up. Another local guy thought that probubly would not help if it was pulling the sand through the gravel pack and that I would just have to use a filter. He suggested a Lakos seperator. Not sure this would work with the cycle stop valves in the system contoling the flow to less than 5 gpm most of the time.
The well info would be 260' deep, pump set at 250', static water level at 170'.

Just need some advice,thoughts and suggestions about how to proceed and try to make this a one time fix. I know what you are thinking "Ya sure".

Thanks for any help you might provide.

Cy Thomson