Howdy, All ..

First, thanks for making this kind of info available to us rookies. It's a real help & I've already learned a lot just from scanning other posts.

I have a well that's roughly 200' deep with a 1 HP submersible that I intend to use for irrigation. Haven't yet installed a tank. The driller tells me there is NOT a sniffer in the well so I think that means a pressure tank, if used, will need to be a bladder type. Test running the well, I measure roughly 10-12 gallons per minute output. The drippers I plan to use will total, say, 30 gpm but I'll apply that for only a minute or two at a time (very sandy soil). I plan on using 1" black poly to carry the water 200' to the 1/2" drip lines.

With this info, how do I determine tank size? Looks to me like I'd need a 60 gal tank (or bigger) if I want to pump out 60 gal in 2 minutes but have only a 10-12 gpm pump.

Sorry for the longish post, but if anyone can shed some light on my mystery, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

John A (TX)