Hello, I am new to the forum and hope to get some help. I have a 660 foot deep well. I have a submersible 220 volt pump. I am not sure of the HP (mabey 1/2 hp). I have a bladder type tank that I was told is a 20 gallon. The well drillers told me that I had 2 gallons per minute. I thought this sounded low but they said this would be fine. The presure switch is a 30/50 on/off.

I have not had low preasure problems. I can run a washer/shower or two showers at the same time with no problem. The system has worked fine for about 4 years until now. I recently noticed (by the lights dimming for a split second) that the pump will cycle on and off about every 5 to 6 seconds any time water is being used.

I drained the tank and checked air preasure. No air preasure measured on air preasure gauge. I preasurized tank to 28psi (2psi less than cut on preasure) and refilled with water. Seemed to work fine for about a month. Then the short cycleing started again.

Since I first noticed the short cycleing I have paid more attention to the cycle times. When the tank has 28psi the cycle times are about every 28 to 30 seconds. As the air leaks out, the cycle times shorten. If I recall correctly, before I noticed the short cycle, I could run a little water without the pump cycleing on. Now even when the tank is preasurized, just a little water usage will make the pump cycle on.

From what I am told, I need a new tank. I was considering getting a much larger tank (the biggest that my local hardware store has). I think it is 100 plus gallon. Will this be better than the smaller tank or do I just need another small tank that is not leaking air?
What about a CSV? On this forum is the first that I have heard of these. I don't want to burn up my pump! I would think that it would be very costly to replace the pump in a 660 foot well. Thanks for any help that you guys can provide.