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Thread: low pressure

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    low pressure

    Hi we just had anew drilled well put in with a new 3/4 pump and 20 gal tank. we have 1 1/4 line to the tank from the pump. We expected great water pressure but do not have it! We do not have a softener or anything else inline. But we do need a softner because of hardness. Witht he preessure we have we wont be able to do it.
    Anyway the pressure was set at 32-38psi. I turned the cut on and cut off up to 38-50 but still no real diff. In addition it seems the pump now turns on at 32psi. Do I need to adjust the tank pressure and how high can i go with the pressure switch and tank safely? Above all PLEASE tell me how to make the correctuions needed!
    Thanks, Jeff

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    Hi Jeff,

    I am not sure why you don't have good pressure with a 3/4hp sub. I can direct you to a place to learn to set the switch and the tank whether than typing it all over. Go to FAQ Page.

    Have you taken off the aerators on your faucets to see if maybe they are plugged up?
    What condition is your plumbing in? Is it 3/4" or bigger starting at the tank? Have you gone a long time in this house without any water filtration?


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