I am a lifelong city boy who bought my first house in the country that came with a well. I ran a drip line watering system to water my trees, but the water pressure isnt high enough to reach the end of the line. A guy at the local hardware store told me how to raise the water pressure from my pump. He said to run the water and watch the pressure gauge while listening for a noise indicating the pump had shut off. This is my shut off pressure, and I could increase it by tightening a nut on a shaft on the pressure switch. It sounded pretty simple. That should have been my first clue that it wasn't going to be simple. First off, my pressure gauge is at 44 psi, and it does not change no matter how many faucets I have running. I can even trip the breaker that goes to the well, and remove the fuse box for the pressure tank, and that gauge doesnt budge. So, I tried just turning the nut several turns to see if that would make any difference. It didn't. What am I doing wrong? The unit says starite and pro source steel pressure tank, and the model says PS120-T50. I sure would appreciate any help.