I have discovered that the water from the gravity fed municpal system will not flow to my house. After connecting the water line and turning the water on at the meter, the water stopped flowing from the line about 350' from the house. The house is about 60 to 70 feet higher than this location.

After much conversation and thought, I've decided it would be best to install an underground tank for the municipal water to flow into and a submersible pump to pump the water out of and on to a pressure tank in the basement.

There are several issues that need addressed, and I am hoping you will help me with them.

1) I prefer a poly tank as opposed to concrete; however, it has been suggested that a poly tank could crush underground and/or if the pump pumps water from the tank faster than the municipal system replaces it.

2) Would an air vent be required?

3) I plan to insert a submersible pump inside of a 4" Scd 40 pipe with holes drilled into it for water flow to the tank. The pipe/pump combination will be inserted into the web of a concrete block on each end for stability. Do you see any issues with this method of securing the pump against torque?

4) The inlet will be equipped with a float to stop water flow when the tank is at or near full.

Of course, the pressure tank will be equipped with the usual devices, including a low pressure switch to shut down the pump if the pressure gets to low, which could be the result of a lack of water in the cistern.

If you see any problems with what is being suggested, or if there are unaddressed issues, please respond.

Your advice will be very much appreciated.