[img][/img]Above ground pump(sits in the basement), and the pressure switch is mounted to the side of the pump. Current switch says 30-50 inside(though I doubt it's at that anymore). Above the pump, there are 2 T fittings. The first one goes to the pressure tank, WX-202 Well-x-trol. The second T, directly mounted to the first, goes to the house supply(the T acts as an elbow).

The switch has been not wanting to turn on the pump lately. If I tap the switch, everything turns on. Sometimes I need to hit the switch again to keep things working, sometimes not. I'm thinking a new switch is in order, but this setup isn't ideal. There isn't even a pressure gauge, so I don't know what the settings are at.

So, I'm thinking I need to redo this piping. Start with an elbow on top of the pump, and go to a valve that feeds to a T on the tank. Those special T things I've seen where you can mount a switch and gauge on the tank. From there, feed the house supply line.

But, not knowing how things are set now, how do I go about doing this properly, and with minimum down time? The stupid pump is on the same circuit as the furnace, so when I disconnect power, I lose heat. And I'm in Chicago, not exactly a warm place right now.