I am redoing the pump/tank/plumbing system in a summer cottage as soon as the Spring thaw comes to Massachusetts. I just got this place and do not understand why it is set up the way it was. Since I don't trust ANYTHING that the prior owner has done, I doubt that it was done correctly. I have removed it all (because of the seasonal freeze) so I have the opportunity to start from scratch.

This is what was installed... Shallow well jet pump (Gould 1/2HP) with a 2 gallon tank installed right on top of the pump outlet, and switch on the pump (with the small pressure line from the pump). Up at the house (150 ft away and 20 ft higher) there is another larger tank (20 gal capacity?). 12 ft of downpipe in the well with check valve on bottom. Large tank is old and rusty (Kenmore) and I will replace it.

My questions are: Why did they use 2 tanks? I know that I will need the large one to minimize pump cycling and intend to put the switch on that tank, but can I ditch the small tank on the pump or might this have been installed to stop switch chatter? But the switch is at this small tank???

Sorry to those who have seen this post on Terry's site a while back, but I still don't understand it.

Rick (DIY'er)