Lately my pressure tank has been making a squeeling noise. last week I checked air pressure & it was about 20 psi, I set it up to 40 psi & noise went away for several days & is noisy again, air pressure has dropped to 32 psi & moisture is present at schrader valve. I assume bladder has failed & I am prepared to replace tank & switch. what info do I need to know before doing this?
WellXtrol tank has been in service for over 20 years & nothing has been adjusted or serviced for 15 years
I am hopeing to do this project today so any advice would be great,
Thanks, Mike

Tank is a wellXtrol model # wx202 with a 30/50 swtich. pump kicks in @ 40psi & off @ 50psi according to in-line pressure gauge that is over 20 yrs old. When squeeling noise occures while pump is running pressure spikes to 60-70 then bleeds down to 50 when pump shuts off.