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We have a new rainwater collection system for our household water and I am slowly learning how to maintain it. Over the past few days, the water pressure inside the house has diminished, now down to the point where when a faucet is first open it runs slower than previously and then decreases to a fraction of the flow.

There is a pressure gauge on each side of my 20 inch filters (first one is a 5005 particle cartridge and the other a carbon). There is a drop in pressure on the outflow side of the pair, so I suspect that one or both of the filters is clogged somehow, in spite of being rather recently replaced. So I'm planning to replace the 5005 first, then the carbon if the new 5005 doesn't cure it.

A friend suggested that the problem may be the air bladder tank instead and said check the pressure in the top, but couldn't give me much in the way of direction. I have a tire gauge and so can check the pressure, but don't know what to expect or how to diagnose the results.

Before I change the filters, does anyone have any thoughts that might assist this very wet-behind-the-ears system administrator? Anything (or should I say all the things) that I should look for or need to understand?

Thanks in advance.


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