I have a large galvanized tank. It is 6' tall and as big around as a large live oak.

It gets water-logged from time to time. I do not know whether this is a bladder tank or not. There is a tire-valve inlet around a little more than half-way up from the bottom. I thought, after learning about bladders a little, that this might be to air up the bladder area.

But now, I just read where bladderless tanks also get aired up.

The water enters the bottom - whereas, I think I read that for bladder tanks, water enters the top.

Here's my problem. My tank is water-logged again. I will drain it. This time, I want to know what I am doing. There is a plug at the top. I have removed it and re-inserted it before. I have just read it is not a good idea to do that.

Anyway, I'd like to know the proper procedure for my tank, so I can do this and do it right. Once I know that, these supposed 1-hour jobs might start becoming 1-hour jobs, and I might get better performance. I want to get this in control and then, plan to put a sprinkler system in.