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Thread: Need to increase volume/pressure on small farm. Not sure where to start...

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    Need to increase volume/pressure on small farm. Not sure where to start...

    Please no negative comments, i am asking for advice and what steps i need to take to fix the problem. I am very wet behind the ears when it comes to understanding how all of this works. This is an old farm, owned by my mom and she does not want to put in a new well because.... well... (no pun intended) they are expensive and she is not going to be around forever. (her words, not mine) We use a lot of water filling water tanks for livestock and also spraying/washing down (using garden hose and common plastic spray nozzle) a large concrete slab daily. 24 feet wide by 130 feet long. It has become very frustrating and time consuming. It now takes around 3 times longer than it used to take due to the low volume and pressure. There are a lot of minerals in the water also.(iron mainly) Is there any way i can increase the volume and pressure without putting in a new well? The well pump is a submersible and is only around 5 years old. I believe the pressure tank was replaced around that time also. The main issue is with the outbuilding that is about 120 feet away from the house. It is fed by the house well. Do i need to put some sort of water holding tank and a booster pump in this outbuilding? I appreciate any thoughts and suggestions any of you may have on this.
    The little bit i do know is that the system does not have a leak, the pressure switch is a 20/40 and the gauge does show it kick on at 20 and shut off at 40.
    I have shut off power and completely drained the tank and checked air pressure, added air until it reached 18 psi. and still no improvement.
    This has been something that has slowly been getting worse over time (years). The low pressure /volume in the house is inconvenient but my mom is ok with that. I cannot tell you at the moment what the current GPM is in the outbuilding, i will work on figuring that out today if i get a chance. And i also cannot tell you the submersible pump info because the well guy purchased and replaced it and my mom claims she never received any paperwork on it.
    The outbuilding is heated so a water tank freezing would not be a concern. I have no idea where to go from here, if you think you have a solution i would love to hear from you! Thank you!
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