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Thread: Potable water tank?

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    Potable water tank?

    Hi everyone,

    Where we live in NC, the power grid sucks and its a guarantee we lose power at least multiple times a year.....sometimes for multiple days. Sure, a generator can get things moving again but I want to have a backup for that.

    We are planning to overhaul our well soon and was curious if anyone has any experience with potable water tanks? Our well line penetrates through our basement wall and I was thinking about buying a tank to put down there. A pitcher pump in the kitchen above would be a short distance to pump. Any experience or ideas on this? I envision it would be plumbed in a manner where the line from the well goes through this potable tank before it fills the pressure tank? Also prob plumb in some copper to bypass the potable tank completely. Just thinking outloud here. Any advice/opinions/examples??

    BTW I saw the water storage tank thread by JoeDreamer but it looks like he wanted to keep his tank filled and isolated. I figured it might make more sense to keep the tank inline with the rest of the water system so it doesn't become stagnant.

    thanks in advance,

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